Wall Me Maybe. Part Deux.

When in Rome, other walls do as mine does.
My wall lives vicariously, through herself.
My wall once parallel parked a train.
I have the most interesting wall in the world.

The wall is a show stopper! I am so pleased! As a reminder, here is the wall before the project:

Wall Before

Wall Before


Here’s the after:

DIY Book Pages Wallpaper

DIY Book Pages Wallpaper

As you can see I decided not to follow the wallpaper down behind the left bookcase. Instead I used a large poster I got when I went to Ireland to see Jay Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne Euro Tour in Dublin. The poster is black and gold and has a large cross in the center. I plan to get it framed eventually, but for now the wrinkled thick paper gives a nice backdrop.

But enough about what’s behind the bookcase! Check out the texture that overlapping gives the wall. And the images from Gray’s Anatomy are also well placed and visually stunning. Stand out photos include the eye, the brain, and the heart. I did not use any reproductive organs— at eye level 🙂 If you go aaaaaaallllll the way up to the ceiling you may catch a glimpse of one though.

DIY Book Page Wall Paper After

DIY Book Page Wall Paper After

You can also see that the pages are slightly curled the farther down the wall you get. Maybe you can see that clearer in the next photo; here is another view of after:


DIY Book Pages Wallpaper Long View

DIY Book Pages Wallpaper Long View

The pages are very flat at the start and are slightly more raised/ curled as the project went on. I think this is because of the different weight of the paper (Gray’s Anatomy vs. the Bible <– boy is that a mouthful! Science versus….oh forget it). I could go back and flatten then with a varnish or other type of stain but I’m not sure yet. I think as long as they stay upright and don’t start falling off I may keep it because when you are looking at it straight ahead, it has a 3D effect. Or was that just because I was sleepy? Either way, it stays for now!

I’m very, very happy with the outcome. I like the vintage, urban, edgy, well-read vibe it gives the room. I feel like a beatnik and it also puts me in a really sentimental mood. *Cue the DJ*

All right all you hepcats, that’s enough writing for me. I’m going to go noodle it out on climate change and the doubling of student loan rates. Till next time…



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