Destiny Q. Ramjohn, Ph.D. is a medical sociologist, program evaluator, and qualitative researcher whose work addresses the psychosocial issues confronting socially vulnerable populations with chronic illnesses, especially HIV/AIDS. The role of gender, sexuality, and race/ethnicity in shaping the illness experience constitutes a primary focus of her qualitative dissertation study, which examined self-identity development among HIV-positive adolescents in New York City. Dr. Ramjohn’s dissertation examined the ways in which socio-contextual factors shape HIV-risk, providing a new perspective on identity formation among Black and Latino youth living with HIV.

Destiny also has an insatiable appetite for traveling, and prides herself on having seen 4 of the World’s Wonders.  Ramjohn has a personal goal to see 7 World Wonders by 2016. If you’re looking for her this year you can probably find her at The Great Wall of China or Chichen Itza. Stay traveling, My Friends!

This fecal matter is of the utmost insanity. #thatshitcray — at COLOSSEO.

This fecal matter is of the utmost insanity. Colosseo Rome June 2012


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