Baltimore Bike Life

Baltimore is growing on me. Not in a fungus kind of way, but in a very slow methodical, calculating, stalker kind of way. I like it.

On our very first date Baltimore took me to the Baltimore Bike Party. I know, I know, you’re all whaaaat. Here’s a description from their site:

What? We’re Baltimore Bike Party!  We are a mass monthly ride for participants of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.  We stay together, in a slow pace (usually ~10mph), following a different route every month, pre-selected by our volunteers and posted ahead of time.

Why? Because it’s awesome to ride your bike!  It’s even MORE awesome to ride your bike with friends.  Don’t have friends who ride?  Come make some!  We are all about building the cycling community!

I’m not a fan of group dates, but this was a great way for Baltimore and I to get to know one another. I learned so much about him: the contours of Druid Hill Park, his ethnic side in Little Italy, and his adorable little Harbor . He even showed me his wild side at the Pratt Street Ale House.

Also, and he couldn’t know this have known this before, being on my bike brings me bliss. I’ll tell you about my experience biking 7000ft down the Haleakala Crater in Maui in another post.

Here’s a pic from our first date, as captured by the good folks at Midtown BBQ & Brew


I can’t wait to see where this relationship is going.