Red Balloon Project: Destiny Ramjohn’s Bright Idea on Celebrating Loss



Remind me to tell you about the creative Psalm-tastic way I decided to honor my late grandmother….
Dozen Red Balloons


Honoring God, Celebrating The Universe

Have you ever received a gift so meaningful that a mere “thank you” just didn’t see to fully cover the depth of your appreciation? Once, during a particularly stressful time writing my dissertation, that gift was peace. The gift giver was God.

How do you fully thank God? I did the usual praise and worship, I tithe as diligently as my finances allow, and I was my typical helpful self (e.g., buying lunch for the guy holding the doors outside of Wendy’s on 125th Street). But that just didn’t seem to cut it. I wanted to celebrate God and give a gift to Her. So I spent an afternoon (it was more than an afternoon!) mastering iMovie and made a worship video, just for Her. The song is Jason Upton’s No Sacrifice, and the images celebrate the multi-ethnic faces Christ and His followers.

That peace stayed with me for a long time after. I think She liked it. Maybe you will, too.

Here’s my life.