Destiny Ramjohn Edit. Musings on the Inanimate.

I have been known to be poetic. I found these oldies but goodies in one of my  grad school textbooks. Circa 2003, I think:


Someone one said to me, “People are supposed to make mistakes- that’s why they invented erasers.”
I wish people would stop making errors with other people’s hearts so we can render the eraser obsolete.


Musings on the Inanimate.

My mother said something once that I did not understand.
I don’t understand a whole lot, like why I am awake most mornings to see the clock read 2:43; that’s am, ok.
Like why television romances are not much closer to reality’s deception, pain, or…all the other things women in reality experience. And don’t give me that, “it’s just tee vee” bullsh*t.”
Like why productivity and procrastination take the same amount of human capacity.

You inspired me, Nikki, to throw words on a page without a care for whether or not they make sense. And redirected my focus. Thank you. It is cathartic.

The Legends stopped playing soulful melodies that went straight from my ear canal to my tear ducts.I love music that can make me cry. I love this pencil because it makes me happy.

A range of emotions provoked by inanimate objects. Not one reaching out to touch me the way I need it.

I can’t remember what I was going through during that season, but it was clearly a difficult one. I’m going to hug on myself today for whatever it was, grateful that by His Grace I am no longer there.